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Telling The Stories

The story of veterans is about people who find themselves in different circumstances than their normal everyday life.  We will tell their stories of joining the armed forces, their training, life in the military, experiences in peacetime and in conflict, serving in various parts of the world, life behind the front lines, being in armed combat, prisoners of war, missing in action, returning home and being reunited with loved ones and picking up their civilian roles again.


The stories would be incomplete if we did not include the stories of the many different roles roles of Utahns in the various conflicts whether for short periods of time or for lifetime careers.  We will include the stories of the families at home and the impact of of a dear loved one leaving and being gone and sometimes never to return.  We will tell the stories of civilians caught up in the whirlwind of war, sometimes being displaced, losing homes, losing crops and businesses and sometimes being destitute.  These will be told from the perspective of not just American families but also of German, Japanese, Jewish, Gypsy and others.


We will tell the stories of military camps in Utah, some which are still with us and others which have long since been closed down and replaced with homes and businesses.  We will tell the stories of Japanese interment camps, German prisoner of war camps and other events which transpired right here in Utah.


We will also tell the stories of those in the military and the humanitarian roles their played while they served, both official roles and personal and private ways that they cared about and helped those around them especially civilians among whom they served.


These stories will be told using exhibits, kiosks, monuments, pictures, art and artifacts.  Some of these will be fixed in the memorial building and some will change frequently for there are many stories that can be told.  All stories will be preserved and archived for access as needed by individuals and groups for specific events or purposes. 


Although the memorial building and surrounding memorial park will honor and remember those who gave their lives in war and conflicts, it will also focus on the human spirit, of rising above tragedy and preserving the principles of freedom and family and of teaching about how good can triumph over evil.

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